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Subscribing by RSS

RSS is a technology for subscribing to updates to websites, and quite often is used by blog authors to provide readers (you!) with a convenient way to be notified of new articles or blog posts. To use RSS, you need to have a "Reader" program. There are several free and paid applications for this purpose and some web browsers and email programs also have RSS features built into them. There's no shortage of options.

Once you have installed your preferred RSS reader software, click the following link and it should open your RSS application and give you the option to subscribe to the feed.

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RSS Software / Apps

Below are some software options available for various platforms - Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android phones and tablets.

Mac AppsWindows AppsiOS AppsAndroid Apps

Read this RSS info from Microsoft

... or simply seach for "RSS"
in the App Store.

... or simply search for "RSS"
in the Android Market.

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