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Project: 50 First Dates aka Wanna Date Me?

Wanna Date?

Shut. The. Front. Door! 

Project 50 first dates? Master Dater??? 

So, here’s the dealio. In case you’ve forgotten, I am now a (self-)certified Dating, Love and Relationship Coach—Expert! I mean, why not, right? 

I’ve studied love and relationships for years! Yes, because, like a mechanic’s broken down car, my own love life was in dire straits and needed some serious fixing. 

Crazy as it seems, I know a thing or ten thousand about people.  

But a mechanic doesn’t often get around to their own vehicle—until they have to.  

After giving love and relationship advice all these years, I figured I’d better start walking the talk.  

Yep. Luck favours the bold and brazen. (And crazy.) 

Here I am telling my clients that, if they want to find “the perfect mate” (especially from dating sites), they must embrace the mindset: dumpster diving for diamonds. (Thanks, Daisy Duke, for that!)

How many people “in the real world” are you physically, sexually, intellectually, and emotionally attracted to?

Not that many, right?

One in a hundred? A thousand?

Interjection for the “hitched” folk: water your own grass so it stays greener! Remember: dumpster diving is the real world.

If you’re attracted to, say, one hundred, how many are you getting to know—i.e., dating?

Are you going on one date a week? a month? a year???

So, let’s break this down …

At even one a week, it could take a hundred weeks (that’s almost two years, folks) to meet your match because, if you’re attracted to only one in a hundred, it might be the hundredth date that you find the one who works for you!

But are you even dating one a week?

(Long pause. Painful thoughts. Deeeeep breath.)

Alrighty then.

You might get lucky and trip over the love of your life in the grocery store. Or the hardware store. Or the coffee shop … bookstore / art gallery / bar / cinematheque / wherever!

But then what?

What will you say? Will you say anything? Or will you walk away wondering?

Listen, folks, it don’t matter how much you believe in the Law of Attraction cuz, when the Universe delivers, you gotta do yo part.

And if you’re a naughty-Christian, Jesus-loving freak, like me, well, God helps those that help themselves. Bam! #lightenup

Enough with the preamble. Here’s the deal. I’m listening to my own advice—as a social study if nothing else. I will walk the walk, talk the talk and date the dudes (and duds).

I shit you not. (Not knot. Hashtag: cheesy.)

For the benefit of research and for all mankind, and kind men—and women—I’m saying “yes” to the date.

Vancouver has no shortage of good men. I find them everywhere. Where? See above, silly. The difference between me and anyone who isn’t getting a date is that I talk to strangers. Simple.

So, as long as a man meets my Top 5, he’s in. (So to speak.) I’ll take the first fifty that send me their resume. (Many, many restrictions apply, please read fine print!)

Is it arrogant to think I can get fifty dates? No.

Rule #1: What we think about, we bring about.

Rule #2: Confidence is sexy.

Rule #3: There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Rule #4: No one likes rules.

Rule #5: My site, my rules. (For me.)


Wanna date me? You’ll have to visit to find out how! And find out the bonus prize from local matchmaker, Jane Carstens, owner of Matchmaker For Hire.

What have I (re)learned?

  1. I am bold.
  2. I am brave. 
  3. I am brazen.
  4. I am crazy. 
  5. I am okay with me.

Homework: Grab my driving gloves—this ride is about to fly. #WINGmam

Cut to scene:

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