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And That’s How I Became A Phone Sex Operator. Almost.

My Terms and Conditions text reply …•Payment in advance•Paypal:•US$500/hr; min 1hr fee charged•US$125/15 min after 1st hr •(65/70/75min=$625; 80/85/90min=$750)•By appt—24hrs; limited availability on weekends•If you call w/o an appt & I answer, time & 1/2•Text only to make appt•No personal questions about me •No naughty comments directed to me•No recordings•No photos•I don’t participate, but I will facilitate•(I can encourage or act innocent.) •No stories about animals, children, elderly, invalids, aliens!•No violence or gore•I can end a call at any time if I feel uncomfortable (one warning given)•I can end or modify this agreement at any time for any reason (credits refunded)•I can write about it if I choose •Any questions?So how did this intercourse, er, I mean text communication...

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