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And THEN I Became A Lesbian. Almost.

Almost, people! Almost!So I’m sitting at the take-out bar in Tacofino chowing down on a big-ass chorizo burrito and inadvertently eavesdropping on the convo next to me. I’m alone, so what else am I gonna do? Listen to the incessant thoughts roaming around in my mind? That’s been boring so far:Maybe I should go back and take the make-up class [at the swordplay school] …But the instructor had that big, ripe pimple in the crack of his nose. I’d be distracted by the it whole class.Like what if it exploded while I was in mid-thrust? I might accidentally impale myself.Besides, I’m halfway through this monster-sized meat snack. It’s not good to exercise on a full stomach, they say. Plus, if...

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